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Captain Jeff Ross Obsession Charters Outer Banks North Carolina

Fishing Reports & Photos

We fished our three days of the Pirates Cove Billfish tournament... had good action but won no prizes... First day we rolled the dice and headed south looking for sailfish...... started off great and were keeping up with good action on white marlin up north, but then the sailfish stopped biting for all the boats on the south end and up north the whites kept biting....so even though we had a good day, with Robert Crowder, Shani Diggs, Charles Townes and Mason Camp each catching a sailfish we ended the day in the twelft place...
The second day did not go well... we had four good oportunities but we san cochoed, wifffttt, screwed up and to end the day zing-powwedd four or five good white marlin bites ..... Robert Crowder caught our only fish of the day.
The last day, we did great, hooking and catching five of our six chances, jumping off one and stayed in the race for the daily all day, but fell a bit short, ending up forth in the race for the daily prize out of 75 boats.... everyone caught a fish yesterday, Charles Sr & Charley Townes, Mason & Robert Crowder all did a great job. RIght now we are in 13 th place but a number of boats are fishing their last day today.
Posted on 18 Aug 2017 by captainjeff

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